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style war·den

keeper and curator of one’s style

Hi, I’m your style coach, Leigha!

Being the warden of your own style makes fashion fun.

I love helping people transform their lives through fashion and style coaching.

What started as a fashion blog 15 years ago has grown into a unique coaching passion – style coaching. With my unique blend of life coaching and image consulting, I help my clients reach their personal and professional goals through a transformation that is truly inside-out. I have helped people of all ages for the last fifteen years using my degree in Fashion Marketing and I’m currently working toward a certification with The Style Coaching Institute. Let’s transform your wardrobe!


What exactly is style coaching?

Style coaching is a type of personal coaching that focuses on developing an individual’s personal style and image. It is a process of helping people identify their unique style, and guiding them in creating a personal image that reflects their personality, values, and goals.

As a style coach I work with clients on a range of topics, including wardrobe planning, body shape analysis, makeup, and hair styling. I also work on developing a client’s personal brand and image for professional or personal purposes.

The goal of style coaching is to help individuals feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin, and to help them project a positive and authentic image to the world. Ultimately, the aim is to help clients achieve greater success and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives by developing a strong and consistent personal style.